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Ukrainian Ottawa Platform

Ukrainian Ottawa” is the second of its kind independent online platform in the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada. Modelled after the platform "Ukrainian Vancouver", it is a virtual place where you can find credible information and resources for daily life in Ottawa, for personal and professional growth, for connecting with others, for providing and receiving, for volunteering and empowering, for mentoring and uplifting those who just started their journey in Canada. We are committed to promoting Ukrainian businesses and entrepreneurs and Canadian businesses that stand with Ukraine the darkest times in Ukrainian history.

“Ukrainian Ottawa” was founded in March 2022, modelled after the platform "Ukrainian Vancouver", which was redeveloped on the basis of longstanding online newspaper as well as an affiliated Facebook group. Now, the project has grown to the platform-oriented to unite and support Ukrainians in Vancouver, surrounding areas, and has started to expand to other Canadian cities.

All work on this site is volunteer-based. If you would like support the growth of this platform, you can support our efforts through Patreon


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